Lieutenant Halter Smithwick

A rakish charmer and unpleasant disciplinarian, loved by the ladies but hated by the Regiment.


Age 25, English, Protestant, son of a noble. Officer of the 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, 5th Battalion (5/60).

Soldiering Background: Provost.

Experiences: Took part in a vast, wide-ranging campaign. Others TBD.

Measures: Guts 1, Discipline 5, Influence 2, Charm 5.

Skills: Command 5, Courtesy 2, Diplomacy 1, Intimidate 2, Intrigue 2, Music 3, Quartermaster 1, Romance 6.

Wealth: 4 (equivalent to a doctor, merchant or clergyman).

Curios and Mementos: Small book of French poetry (Romance +1), fine violin (Music +1).

Personality Reputations: Favored by Field Marshal Shepard’s daughter (1), favored by Major Harper’s daughter (1), tempestuous semi-secret affair with Uxia Maria Pilar de Lopez Raimundez (4).

Institutional Reputations: Despised by the Catholics in the Regiment (2), regarded as stern and unpleasant by the officer’s mess (1), resented as undeserving of command by the rank and file (1).


  • Blameless (+2 to avoid being pinned with fault)
  • Heartbreaker (+1 with seduction)
  • Letter from London (+2 when trying to influence a superior with your connections)
  • Pitch Perfect (+1 with singing, playing music or other entertainment)
  • Read and Write
  • Second Language (French)

(Probably he was an ensign in one of the prestigious Highlands regiments that fought in India in 1803, and then transferred to 5th/60th during the 1806 recruitment—no doubt with the quiet encouragement of his old regiment. That all would mean he may almost certainly was responsible for the flogging of Pvt. Southgate, whom he now commands.)

Played by Ryan St. John.
1803 infantry sabre

Lieutenant Halter Smithwick

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