Private Garland O’Toole

A veteran of the commissary who can out-haggle any fishwife.


Age 36, Irish, Catholic, son of a cooper. Rank and file in the 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, 5th Battalion (5/60).

Soldiering Background: Commissary.

Experiences: Took part in the siege of an enemy town as part of the reserve.

Measures: Guts 5, Discipline 3, Influence 3, Charm 2.

Skills: Awareness 4, First Aid 1, Haggle 10, Profession 1, Quartermaster 7, Scavenge 3, Skulduggery 3, Soldiering 2.

Wealth: 1 (equivalent to a peasant or farm worker).

Curios and Mementos: Well-balanced scales (Haggle +1), two items that each grant +1 with a particular Institutional Reputation.

Personality Reputations: Seen by the quartermaster as having connections (1).

Institutional Reputations: The Regiment knows he “has things” (3), the rank and file know he’s not a model soldier (1).


  • Cheat Death! (once per session, negate a Death result)
  • Keen-Eyed (+1 to evaluate or appraise an object)
  • Second Language (French)
  • Third Language (Spanish)
  • Tis But a Scratch, Sir! (reduce the first wound you take by one rank)
  • Hack and Slay (+1 with bayonet, axe or halberd)

Hoped to be a sailor or fisher but was too seasick to take to the water; worked as a fishmonger and learned to haggle with the best fishwives of the docks. He took the King’s shilling when he tired of always smelling like fish guts, and quickly became the quartermaster’s unofficial source of goods of dubious provenance.

(Depending on his politics, he may have joined the Regiment before or during the Irish Rebellion of 1798, when it fought the rebels; he then would have served in the short siege of Suriname the next year during the Holland war. Or he could have been in another regiment in the invasion of Holland proper.)

Played by Jason.
Apothecary scales

Private Garland O’Toole

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