Volunteer Thomas Raif Giles

A dashing young gentleman volunteer who serves in the ranks but socializes with the officers.


Age 19, English, son of a member of Parliament (House of Commons for Heretfordshire), Anglican. Volunteer serving with the 60th Royal (American) Regiment of Foot, 5th Battalion (5/60).

Soldiering Background: Provost.

Experiences: Hero in a recent battle where he saved the regimental commander.

Measures: Guts 5, Discipline 4, Influence 3, Charm 9.

Skills: Awareness 3, Courtesy 3, First Aid 1, Intimidate 2, Intrigue 5, Quartermaster 1, Riding 1, Soldiering 1, The Arts 5.

Wealth: 2 (equivalent to a shopkeeper or craftsman).

Curios and Mementos: Award of honor from the regiment. Letter of recommendation (Soldiering +1).

Personality Reputations: Owed a favor by Gen. Crawford (3), well-regarded by local Spaniards (1).

Institutional Reputations: Regarded as a hero by the Regiment (3), liked by the rank and file for his educated background (1).


  • Cosmopolitan (+1 in tests where it helps to be well travelled)
  • Crack Shot x2 (+2 with musket and rifle)
  • Duellist x2 (+2 with pistol)
  • Educated (+1 in tests requiring academic knowledge)
  • Handy in a Scrap (+1 with brawling and musket brawling)
  • Read and Write
  • Second Language (French)
  • Third Language (Spanish)
  • Strong Swordarm (+1 with swords and sabres)

The son of Mr. Daniel Giles, MP of the St Albans constituency, House of Commons. Thomas joined the army to satisfy a sense of adventure, to indulge a love of exploration and studying the natural world, and to eventually further a career in politics. Unfortunately a commission has not yet come his way that he could afford, so he’s settled for serving as a volunteer in the ranks.

About Gentlemen Volunteers

A “gentleman volunteer” is not officially on the lists but serves at his own expense and at the discretion of his commanders, usually hoping for a chance to fill an officer’s vacancy when one occurs. The volunteer typically carries a musket and fights in the ranks, but wears a uniform cut in officer’s style (but without the officer’s sash and ornamentation) and socializes with the officers.

Volunteer Thomas Raif Giles

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