Private William Southgate

A bad man among bad men; a thief and killer who took the King's shilling to escape the hangman's noose.


Age 27, English, son of a prostitute, Protestant. Rank and file in the 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, 5th Battalion (5/60).

Soldiering Background: Rifleman.

Experiences: Convicted of robbery and murder but allowed to join the army for life instead of taking his sentence. Campaigned in India with one of the Highlands regiments, where he learned some unusual preparations to facilitate healing. It was a good thing, too, when he fought in a major losing battle—one of the battles that followed Assaye—and was beaten and injured. But he had the last laugh; he came away with a bejewelled falchion that belonged to a sultan or mogul captured or killed in the fighting.

Measures: Guts 5, Discipline 3, Influence 1, Charm 2.

Skills: Awareness 4, First Aid 1, Gambling 2, Haggle 1, Intimidate 3, Quartermaster 3, Scavenge 3, Skulduggery 6, Soldiering 4.

Wealth: 5 (equivalent to a land owner or fleet magnate).

Curios and Mementos: Priceless antique falchion from India (Intimidate +2). Salves and silks (First Aid +2).

Personality Reputations: Often called upon by the quartermaster (2), favored by a camp prostitute (2), one other (1).

Institutional Reputations: Hard man of the rank and file (2), distinguished in the Regiment for his bravery (1).


  • Cheat Death! (once per session, negate a Death result)
  • Hack and Slay x2 (+2 when using an axe, polearm or halberd—or his big Indian falchion)
  • Keen-Eyed (+1 to evaluate or appraise an object)
  • Stiff Upper Lip (+3 to Discipline or Command to regroup your company)
  • Thief in the Night (+2 Skulduggery to move with stealth)
  • Under the Lash

(He probably was transferred to the 5th/60th when the call went out for riflemen for the Fifth Battalion in 1806. Interestingly, as a ne’er-do-well in the Highland regiments in India and a veteran of the lash he probably suffered punishment under the stern eye of former provost officer Lt. Smithwick, now one of his immediate commanders.)

Played by Glenn Ritchie.

Executioner sword

Private William Southgate

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