Sergeant Sebastian Cole

A tough, sharp-eyed sergeant with a wife and young son on the official roster.


Age 34, American, son of a merchant, Protestant. Rank and file in the 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, 5th Battalion (5/60).

Soldiering Background: Commissary.

Experiences: Caught the eye of a powerful personage. Injured in battle.

Measures: Guts 5, Discipline 4, Influence 3, Charm 2.

Skills: Awareness 5, Command 2, First Aid 2, Haggle 1, Intimidate 3, Quartermaster 5, Riding 1, Scavenge 2, Soldiering 5.

Wealth: 4 (equivalent to a doctor, merchant or clergyman).

Curios and Mementos: None.

Personality Reputations: Owed a favor by the battalion commander (2), owed a favor by the battalion quartermaster (2), one other Reputation with a powerful person (2).

Institutional Reputations: Trusted in battle by the Regiment (2), takes care of the Regiment while in camp (2).


  • Born for Battle (+2 Discipline for receiving bonus Skirmish cards from your commander)
  • Crack Shot (+3 with a musket or rifle)
  • Educated (+1 in tests requiring academic knowledge)
  • Handy in a Scrap (+1 with brawling or a musket brawl)
  • Hard as Nails (+3 Guts when attempting to act when health is maimed)
  • Keen-Eyed (+1 to evaluate or appraise an object)
  • Known Around Camp
  • Read and Write

Has a wife, Elisabeth, and a 4-year-old son, Jacob, who are on the company rolls and follow the regiment. They are currently missing in the confusion of the retreat to Corunna.

(As a sergeant with a wife on the rolls he probably has been with the Regiment a while. He likely joined in Nova Scotia in 1803 but hasn’t seen battle with the Regiment until Fifth Battalion reached the Penisula last year, when he was injured and caught the eye of someone higher up. He may have been a soldier in another British regiment in North America before 1803.)

Played by Kenneth Lavender.

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Sergeant Sebastian Cole

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