Private David "Davey" Jones

A charming young Welshman, lazy in camp but fierce in a brawl -- and a medal-wearing hero.


Age 21, Welsh, Catholic, son of a miner. Rank and file in the 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, 5th Battalion (5/60).

Soldiering Background: Rifleman.

Experiences: Recognized as a bona fide, medal-wearing hero after an incredible act of courage in battle. (He most likely joined in 1806, meaning his heroic moment happened in one of the Penisular battles last year. Vimeiro was the biggest and was Britain’s most dramatic victory.)
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Measures: Guts 6, Discipline 4, Influence 3, Charm 4.

Skills: Awareness 3, First Aid 1, Gambling 1, Haggle 1, Intrigue 1, Music 3, Quartermaster 5, Romance 3, Scavenge 5, Skulduggery 2, Soldiering 8.

Wealth: 0 (destitute).

Curios and Mementos: Medal for heroism (Soldiering +1).

Personality Reputations: Owed a favor by Major Carruthers, whose life Jones saved (2), favored by a woman among the camp followers (1), favored by a Spanish prostitute who follows the army (1).

Institutional Reputations: Known by the Regiment to be lazy (3), known by the Regiment as a good scavenger (2), respected by the rank and file as a good scrapper (1), liked by the Regiment for his singing voice (1), the rank and file know he always has a bottle of liquor (1).


  • Blameless (+2 to avoid being pinned with fault)
  • Handy in a Scrap x3 (+3 in a brawl or a musket brawl)
  • Heartbreaker (+1 with seduction)
  • Pitch Perfect (+1 with singing, playing music or other entertainment)
  • Scoundrel (+1 to mislead someone)

Played by John Marron.

Private David "Davey" Jones

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