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60th officer and soldier 375px Typical Kit
The standard gear of riflemen and their officers.

The 60th Regiment, 5th Battalion
Simply “the Regiment” to the men of Yorkshire’s Company.

The Commanders in Spain
The generals, colonels and staff officers who command Yorkshire and his company.

Selected Battles
Brief notes on some battles pertinent to Yorkshire’s men.

Adventure Logs

The Monastery, Part 1: The Spaniards
Yorkshire’s Company has a surprising encounter on a snowy mountain road.

The Monastery, Part 2: The Dragoons
The riflemen and their Spanish allies attack a French-held monastery.

The Monastery, Part 3: The Prisoners
With prisoners in hand and enemy reinforcements coming, Yorkshire’s Rifles navigate the treacherous shoals of diplomacy and honor.

The Monastery, Part 4: Hard Times
The scattered Riflemen face the pursuing French in the fields of honor and combat.

The Monastery, Part 5: Trial By Fire
The Redcoats and Riflemen enter the mountains of Spain, and their Spanish friends demand British justice.

The Monastery, Part 6: Allies and Enemies
The British and the Spanish come to blows under a familiar, watchful eye.

The Monastery, Part 7: The Captain’s Mission
Captain Yorkshire resumes command and sets out to retrieve the King’s silver.

The Monastery, Part 8: Homecoming
Yorkshire’s Rifles find one last obstacle between themselves and Corunna: the army of Marshal Soult.

Main Page

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